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Woman Owned Business


Made in the USA

     I was born in Elko, Nevada which is a part of the "Great American West." It's a place that hearkens back to yesteryear where honest to God cowboys still drive cattle, mend fences, and ride on the open range alongside wild horses. My experiences on the ranch as a young child influence the textures, colors, and finishes I use in my work today. You'll notice the influences of the weathered boards of the barn to the shiny spurs hung from a rusty old hook. Look closely at my work and you'll notice I've drawn on my memories of the white clapboard farmhouse, the classic red barn, the endless deep blue sky above the open range, to the color of my favorite dappled grey Shetland pony, Thunder.

     My artistry differs from others doing the "Farmhouse Style" because my work is distinctly more modern. You will notice that much of it looks almost Scandinavian given its simplicity along with my use of modern, almost whimsical, motifs. This may be in part due to the influence of my grandfather, Hans Schlag, renowned Bauhaus architect. His personal style, which was striving for a balance of form and function, was integral to the Bauhaus movement as well as in design of modern Scandinavian furniture and decor. The spirit and influence of his designs and vision now live on in my own artwork.

      Even though my artwork is forever influenced by the simplicity and textures of the classic farmhouse style, I bring a distinctly modern vibe to my work. You'll notice the use of clean lines, simple but elegant colors,meaningful text, culminating in a unique modern day farmhouse style that is all my own.



404-388-5908 / Tina@ReVarne.com

Atlanta, Georgia 30350